Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thirteen Things on my weekend to-do list...

Thursday Thirteen Edition #5

I have tomorrow off, so I have a three-day weekend. And I am looking to take full advantage of it!!! :-) Here's what I'm planning to do with myself for the next three days!

1. Sleep In!!!

2. Give myself a pedicure using my foot spa and my Arbonne Pampermint Foot Set.

3. Going to my friend/co-worker's purse party.

4. Finish the two books I'm reading

5. Start a new book (after I finish the other two :-)

6.Hopefully, depending on delivery, program my new phone!

7. Having dinner and going to a movie with our friends (who are moving at the end of the month :-(

8. Laundry

9. Conquer the piles of mail that have built up- divide into things that need to be dealt with, trash or shred.

10. Organize my magazines, get out all the recipes I've marked to try- trash or file magazines

11. Get May menu plan and grocery shopping list finished

12. Take a nap

13. Last, but not least, I'm going to get at least the blog page (and hopefully the homepage too) of my new website up & running!!! So be sure to keep checking back here for details- I think I'm gonna have some kind of contest/ giveaway to celebrate!!!

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Have a great weekend!!! :-)


MammaMia said...

Can you actually sleep in after getting up early the rest of the week? Why do you get Friday off? Thanks for dinner and lending us your tiller!

suezque said...

I am gonna try really hard to sleep in! :-) Even if its just an hour- it helps! I have tomorrow off because of comp tiem from driving to Springs last Wed & Thursday. I took 2 hours on Monday, and have all day tomorrow off too!
We enjoyed getting to visit with you guys the other night- we don't get to do that a lot. And thank you for the Anniverary gift- I'm gonna enjoy using it!!! :-)

Sally said...

Sounds like you will be BUSY this weekend! Hope you get it all done. =)

MammaMia said...

Here I was thinking I would get to tease you about being a government employee! Oh well, I hope your weekend is going good!

Laura said...

Hope you've been able to accomplish all you've wanted to over your nice long weekend!! Sounds SO NICE!

Jayme said...

well...hows it going?

suezque said...

It is slow in coming! :-( I am having trouble learning the wordpress program & I guess I am too much a perfectionist that I don't want to publish it til I have a good understanding of what I'm doing. Char has been great about helping me, and I'm kinda at her mercy right now to get it set up and help me with it (and I certainly don't want her taking away family time for me!). I am going to get me a "Wordpress for Dummies" book, and get my self edumicated on it! So keep checking, and hopefully sometime this week I'll get it going! :-)

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Steve Finnell said...

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