Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gratituesday: Spring is blooming

Yea- I know it's technically a weed, but my mom always thought they were the most beautiful bunch of weeds when we'd pick them for her... :-) But it is yet another sign of Spring on it's way! I know I've been writing a lot about being thankful that spring is coming, but it is always a favorite of mine- the new birth of everything- plants, animals (and the warmth that comes with it:-). What a wonderful reminder of Christ's love for us that these things renew, just as He renews us.
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Laura said...

Oh, I will be so happy to see my first weed of the year... Thanks for the encouragement about Christ renewing us...

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(did I just say, "folks"?)

Chelf said...

That is the only flower my dad ever gave my mom. He would float them in a small bowl for a centerpiece.

He said they were a flower, created by God; why would he want to mow them down?

I took a picture of a dandelion a couple days ago. I love the bright color against the dead look of my yard.

Meshellyn said...

How ironic this was one of my favorite "D" words today!