Sunday, March 2, 2008

Crazy times...

It was 70+ degrees here yestrday- it was beautiful & WARM!!! It's snowing outside now... this time of year is soooo crazy when it comes to weather. Add to that the crazy amount of flu cases this year and it makes for quite a bit of craziness. The nursing homes and hospital in our county all have restrictions on who can come and go- and everyone coming has to put on masks and gloves or sanitizer. There were 7 gone from my office with this crud on Monday. Thankfully, G and I seem to be over the worst of it (the head nurse where G works said it sounded like he had two different viruses working on him- that's G for you- has to be difficult! :-)
The bugs were all sick Friday night at my parents' though, so hopefully we didn't expose ourselves to another round. Taterbug coughed to hard that she urped all over Bug-a-boo! :-0 I was very proud of G, too, he didn't urp when he heard/saw/smelt it (he was sitting right behind them).

I need to ask for your prayers right now. I have had a rough week, emotionally. I have felt like I have been a failure at everything I have attempted this week. My house was in total disarry (G- my wonderful husband, helped a lot yesterday in getting it back in order), my itty bitty paycheck makes me feel like I need to find another job to help get some of my old medical bills paid off, overall it's just been a discouraging week for me. Please pray that I can get a better grip on things, and be more organized so that I don't feel so overwhelmed all the time.


Jayme said...

aw sweetie...One way Satan can really attack us is by making us feel like we have failed...because he knows how hard we try. Every effort you give just have to believe that and you can't let Satan tell you any different. As wives, our jobs are so important...each role is. You are being a great wife to Gary, Suez. Everyone has times where they are shiny and times when they are treading water. But as long as you don't throw in the are victorious. Hang in there. Suez. We love you!

Sally said...

I agree with Jayme...hang in there! Sometimes the weather makes me feel discouraged -- just something else on top of everything else. So, ride it out, and the spring will be here soon. =)