Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Easter weekend.

Since we had a long weekend, for Easter weekend (I had Good Friday off...) We decided to to relax at home (for the most part). We got a few things done at home (like dishes- our dishwasher went out last week, and we couldn't get it fixed until Monday) and spent some time with our puppies. We took them to Bent's Old Fort, which is just a few miles out of town. They had a blast! Unfortunately, I only got one picture of them before my camera died... :-(

We slept in on Saturday and just vegged out most of the day. And then we fixed Fondue for dinner! It was fun & yummy!

Sunday, we ended up going to Pueblo so I could see my grandma, but we went to eat Easter lunch with my brother's inlaws (as far as family goes on my side of the family, we are closer to his inlaws than a lot of our own family...)
Here's all the kids hunting eggs (not that they really had to hunt... but they had fun). It was kinda cold outside so we hid them in the basement.

And my blog is not the only one getting a new look...

What do ya' think??? :-)


Sally said...

Ooh, it is short. I like it!!

Laura said...

What's up with all the sisters cutting their hair?

It is SOO cute! I like it!!

All you're so cute!!

Oh, and your fondue looked SO good!! Sounds like a fun Easter weekend!

Chelf said...

I like it! Mine needs to be shortened as well... but my mom lives next door to the landlady's beauty shop, so I can have them do something for me in the next two weeks.

Good pictures, great times. Glad you had a good Celebration!

LaughingLaura said...

Very cute! I'm totally too chicken to go that short... I did get 6" cut off this weekend, but it's still below my shoulders. I hate hair in my face so I have to have it long enough to pull back.

Jayme said...

aren't we funny...all cutting our hair...we all just went through a long period of growing it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahhahahahahaha

suezque said...

It's Sring Fever- I think- needing to get out of the winter doldrums. I needed a change! :-)