Thursday, March 27, 2008

So many things to blog about...

I am struggling to find any gumption to actually work at work today. In the last four days, I have closed eight of my own and one of a coworker’s cases because the clients have passed away. I know most of my clients are older and sickly, and in nursing homes, but still eight + in one week is kinda depressing. (Most were flu-related)

I finally finished another book. I finished my study book, “If I really believe why do I have these doubts?” It was a really encouraging book, and gave me few ideas for bolstering my own faith. I am going to look for some other books by this author, I really liked him!

I am looking for another study book to start- anyone have any suggestions?

I am almost finished with my fiction book (I might even get it finished today). It’s the fifth in a very good series by Karen Kingsbury and I am enjoying them.

My grandmother is still not doing well. She keeps having ups & downs. Monday she was awake enough to drink lots of fluids and even to sit in a chair, but she didn’t recognize anyone. And Tuesday was her worst day yet- she was completely unconscious the whole day- and had very agitated, uncontrolled movement all day. The gave her some medicine to try and still her movement, it worked for a little bit, but then they ended up having to move her back to the heart floor because her heart kept going into A-FIB & not beating correctly because of the medicine. I haven’t heard an update since Tuesday. I’ll have to call my mom after a bit.

And even with all the stress of this last weekend (especially Sunday and Monday), I have been soda-free for 15 days!!! :-) (Monday, I even had to give my stashed can to my coworker to hide in her desk, but I made it!)

Only a little over two weeks until we celebrate our First Anniversary! I can’t believe how time flies, it seems like just yesterday was Friday the thirteenth, blizzard before the wedding day! :-) Here's Sally's post from last year...


Sally said...

I don't feel like working either, but that's not exactly new news. =) Luckily, I only have 7 minutes left (yes, I watch the clock), and tomorrow is Friday! Yay!

I can't believe it's almost your anniversary! Got any big plans?

suezque said...

I start watching the clock at 8:01am! :-)
We had talked about Vegas, then talked about 4 Corners, and now I think we're just gonna stay home. We might go out to eat or maybe I'll fix something special, but we really want to save our money and my vacation time so we can go somewhere for more than just the weekend. I am gonna take the day off, but no real big plans. (Unless G goes totally out of character and surprises me...which I'm not holding my breath for :-)

Laura said...

First of all...GREAT job going for so long without a soda!! That's SO good...a huge accomplishment!

Second of all...I'm reading a REALLY good book called Irresistable Revelution and everyone should read it! I'm going to try to blog about it tomorrow.

Third of all...Yea! Your first anniversary! That's so great! I hope you guys have a really nice time celebrating!

Fourth of all...hmm...I don't really have anything...but I just wanted to write "fourth of all."

I'm weird.

(Like that's news.)

suezque said...

Laura- you crack me up! :)

MammaMia said...

Wow, I guess I've been out of the loop for awhile! I like your hair, it looks good. I just cut mine too. How funny! Where did this last year go? You guys are on your way to being an old married couple!