Monday, April 7, 2008

Gratituesday... The Ultimate Connection

Tonight it was my turn to meet Chelf. We had a grand time, me, Mia & Chelf (and our husbands and Mia's two girls). It amazed me how a few total strangers could sit down and visit like we were old friends, and then I remembered- hey we're not just friends- we're related! By the greatest bond two people, two complete strangers could ever be related by- we're brothers and sisters in Christ! Christ paid the ultimate price so that we could call these strangers family! WOW! So now that I've met another brother and sister- I am so glad we did! We had a nice long visit (and some laughs over Mackenzie's antics :-), and a yummy dinner at Black Eyed Pea. And even if I never see them again, (which we have already discussed trying to get together in July, hopefully (Sally & Jayme hope you'll be in on it too!) I know that there is something that we will share forever, besides the few pictures and laughs we had tonight, we share a Savior and a Heavenly Father who loved us so much that he gave His life/His Son so that we could go anywhere in this world and have family waiting for us there! What an awesome gift (and responsibility!)

Here's a couple of pics of our visit.
Three Bloggy buddies!

Mackenzie's favorite person! (She barely said hello to me tonight before she was asking "Where's G??" :-)

So this Gratituesday, I am grateful for all the family members God has brought into my life!

What are you thankful for? Join us over at HeavenlyHomemakers to share your Gratituesday!


MammaMia said...

Aww what a great looking group of people! Okay so maybe I'm a little biased! Oh, and DITTO!

Char said...

Aw, fun! I've enjoyed a few of those "stranger to sister" kind of meeting myself. Glad you all had a great time!

Laura said...

I love it when I meet new people and there's an automatic bond because of Jesus! That's how it SHOULD be!! I'm so glad you got to meet up and have such a great time together! Thanks for joining Gratituesday!

Three P's in a Pod said...

And is that not a wonderful thing to experience! Thank you for sharing!


melanie said...

Wow--same idea I was trying to express in my Gratituesday post--neat!

Kate said...

What a blessing that meeting must have been for all of you. How wonderful! Definitely something to be thankful for.

Thank you for visiting today. Here's wishing you a very Happy Anniversary (one week early!)!