Monday, April 7, 2008

Workin' Weekend!

This is gonna be long- but mostly pictures of what we (well mostly my hubby) accomplished this weekend! :-)
Last year we kinda let our grass die- all of it... So a couple of weekends ago G decided to burn it, so we could start fresh... just about the time it got going really well, a volunteer fire-figther was driving by, and stopped to tell us it was illegal to burn in the city. Go- figure- burning going on all around us on the farms, but we can't burn our little patch...Oh well! So next G decided to look around for a tiller we could borrow to get it done. Well his looking around ended up being for buying not borrowing- and he got one off e-bay (Happy Anniversary, Dear!:-)

So Saturday morning G got busy (it actually started Friday night with a good soaking so the ground would not be so hard for tilling).
Here's G with his new toy!

Well, the puppies had to get involved- Oreo went around picking up sticks! :-)

My coworkers bought me a plant (in memory of Grammy) that I needed to re-pot, so that's what I did.

A little play time...

And then it's Lunch Time!! Laura's broccoli baked potato looked so good, we decided to have our own (with the addition of chicken - and I always have to have sour cream om my spuds!)

We even have our puppies eating healthier! :-)

So then I decided to veg out inside for a while after lunch- getting shopping lists and menus ready (which I haven't quite got finished and we're going shopping tonight! Yikes) But here's what G finished while I was inside. He planted some shrubs, and a lilac bush, a climbing rose bush and a regular rose bush, and started a lot of Sunflowers to plant later on. Then on Sunday he planted the grass seed.

So we'll keep you posted to how it looks as we get farther on our little project.

Whew! What a weekend.
Now I think we deserve a night off! And guess what- tonight we get it!! We are having dinner out tonight, in Pueblo, with MammaMia and her family, and we get to meet Chelf!!! Yea! I am looking forward to it- will let you know how it goes tomorrow!

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Laura said...

WOW!! You accomplished a TON! What a productive, awesome weekend! Good job!