Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy First Anniversary- Surprise Style!

My husband surprised me with a wonderful anniversary weekend!

We ended up at a hotel in Cripple Creek, CO! I loved it! The hotel had just been remodeled, all new amenities, even a flat screen TV on the wall (I especially liked this, since we can't watch TV in bed at home!)

The other nice thing is that the casinos are all smoke free- what a difference! The last time we went, we could hardly wait to leave- even sitting in any of the restaurants was pure torture to our allergy-prone eyes & sinuses! But this time was way better, and no hurting eyes at the end of the night!
But that was just the beginning of the surprise! Next, he tells me we have tickets to a show (and I'm thinking, when did Cripple Creek get a movie theatre?) No way- he took me to see a PLAY! And I might add- it was great!!! We saw Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Night Dream", and for small town theatre- I was totally impressed! (And I think G even enjoyed himself a bit too :-)

Then on Sunday, we drove down to Colorado Springs to go to church, and then ate lunch at our favorite pizza place- Fargo's. It's a really cool place- an old Victorian house (huge house) and all the women staff wear floor length skirts and Victorian high-neck laced blouses. And they have these huge mirrors that have light-up numbers on them- that's how they call out orders. It is a one-of-a kind place! I even got in my veggies for the day! :-)

Then, we went for a ride in the mountains on the way back to our hotel. Check out these beautiful still-snow-covered mountains! We are so blessed to have an awesome God who created these amazing sights just for us!

This one is overlooking Cripple Creek. The picture does not do the view justice- the sheer vastness of the mountain range is breathtaking!

And now, as I sit here writing this, we shared some of our Wedding Cupcakes that we saved from last year! (My mom has a Seal-A-Meal, and they seemed to be pretty well protected from the freezer, and while they were edible, they were SWEET!!) But oh the cream cheese mint toppers were still delish!!! :-)
But, alas, the real world has now come crashing back... tomorrow is back to work but I have a wonderful weekend full of wonderful memories to take with me.

So, that is what I am grateful for this Gratituesday!
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Laura said...

Yea...I was so excited to hear what G surprised you with!!! What a great husband you have! It sounds like you had SUCH a great time on your anniversary trip. I'm SO happy that you were able to have such a wonderful get away!

Mum-me said...

That sounds like a wonderful, romantic weekend. The photos are beautiful too.

LaughingLaura said...

Glad to hear you had a good time - wish I'd been in town and able to meet you for church.

Sally said...

Happy Anniversary - a day late! Glad you had an awesome weekend, the pictures are amazing.

Wow, one year! And no blizzard on your anniversary. =)

Char said...

Awesome! Sounds like it was a fantastic weekend... and wowee, those mountain pictures make me want to jump on a plane to CO right now! :-)

melanie said...

Gorgeous, and fun!

Niki said...

I would recognize those mountains anywhere! :) I'm headed up there for the weekend. Man I love living here! Glad you had such a nice anniversary. Maybe we will meet up one of these days. It's inevitable with all of the friends we have in common.

Happy Anniversary!

The Happy Housewife said...

What an exciting weekend. The pictures are beautiful.