Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thirteen things on or around my desk at work...

1. My Tea Mug
2. My "stash" of Stash Chai Tea
3. 3 live plants
4. Four calendars (my desk pad one, my one on the wall with cool pictures (Ansel Adams), my page-a-day, and a perpetual one with scripture cards)
P.S Was not intentional to number correlate these last two either, I guess that's just how my mind works! :-)
5. Phone
6. Computer
7. My very interesting, topic of conversation anytime someone
enters my office, chair :-)
(Right now I'm just using the ball itself- not on it's base.)
8. Year old pictures of 5 nieces (from our wedding- I need some updated pictures!)
9. Way more than 13 files that need to be worked on today (yesterday was more like it...)
10. Picture of my one-and-only :-)
11. Arbonne Hand Cream- can't live without it!!!
12. Bible (I keep one in my drawer- it comes in handy to read when I'm upset or the network is down, and also for finding passwords- which I have to change every 30 days!)
13. Holiday decoration box under my desk with my office decorations (why haul them home to put up when the box will fit, nicely out of the way, under my desk? :-)

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MammaMia said...


Natalie said...

That chair is way too cool. Where can I find one?

Natalie said...

Your town is part of my husband's troop. We're in Cheyenne Wells...all the way at the other end of the troop (State Patrol troop). :)

forgetfulone said...

I love your use of the Bible for passwords! I never thought of that, but I will "borrow" your idea. Great TT!