Sunday, February 17, 2008

5-Day Pouch Test - Day 2

Well, Day 2 did not go as well as day one. We were not at home today (we were getting up and around for the day when my mom called and said that my brother really wanted us to come up and go to Chuck E. Cheese's with them- so we went). Apparently, being away from home lets you (or at least me) forget how much fluid you are consuming. I did not drink nearly enough water today. Then we got to Chuck E. Cheese's, which is two hours from our house, and there was not really anything there for me eat. But G and I talked, and decided it would be okay if I just had the salad bar, and be very concious of what I put on my plate. So I ate salad and cottage cheese. But after seeing some of the soup recipes allowed for the first two days- this really did seem like an acceptable alternantive- the cottage cheese was just as "soupy" as somes soups, and lettuce is mostly water anyway... and I was very careful to have lots of protien (like eggs and diced ham) not add toppings, except sunflower seeds- so no croutons or crackers.

We got back to Pueblo and I was wanting something to eat, so we stopped at Quizno's and I got cheddar broccoli soup. It was GOOD! Then we went to church in Pueblo this evening, and then went out to eat with friends, I had a bowl of green chili. So other than the lack of forethought at lunch time, and the slacking on drinking, I tried hard to stick to it. And I resisted the 16 boxes of girl scout cookies in the car trunk all day as well!!! ( yes I know... 16, but I freeze them, and they do last quite a few months...)

Tomorrow the rules change- I can eat, but it has to be all protein, and I can't drink for 30 minutes before or after I eat. Thankfully I am off work tomorrow, and we are staying home, so hopefully I will be able to have a beter handle on things.


Jayme said...

you are one tough cookie...I mean...carrot. :)

hang in there can totally totally totally do this!

Love you!

Laura said...

I'm so excited about this and proud of you!!!

WooHoo! (to you)