Friday, February 15, 2008

Frugal Friday... Sorta

I thought I'd share my Frugal Valentines' gifts now that hubby has received them all... and it is Friday now, so it works! (I spread them out over the whole day, he got some in the morning, and some at dinner, and some at bedtime.)

In the morning, I put some candies in the pockets of his coat. I found these printable wrappers to put around the candy. I also put one on the dash in his car.

Here's how I set the table for our dinner. ( I ran home on my lunch break to get it set up- it was a surprise.)One more candy, and a set of checks (twelve in) all with cute little things he can "redeem" like a massage, movie night, his choice of dinner out...etc.

We had shrimp alfredo with fresh spinach, multi-grain garlic cheese toast and sprakling grape juice for dinner. It was very delicious!

Here's what the red hots I couldn't find were for... I'm glad I finally found them, and they were heart shaped too!(I made this myself, got the pill bottle from my mom, and since the website did such a good job with the label, I just printed it right off their website! I can't believe someone would spend that much on something soooo simple to make!) I put the bottle in his drawer with the rest of his meds, and he found it at bedtime when he took his regular meds. G probably won't eat the red hots, so I'll probably make applesauce with them (which I know he will eat...)

Check out BiblicalWomanhood for more great Frugal ideas!

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Laura said...

I LOVE this!! I bet you had SOOO much fun setting this all up! And I bet he LOVED it! How fun!