Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My week...

Jayme says I must blog. So here's what I've had on my mind this past week.

- I can not find Red Hot candies ANYWHERE in southeastern Colorado (nice job Kim, pick a homemade Valentine that you can't possibly finish...)

- I made G's Valentine (tried at least- couldn't find red hots :-) Am not sure about the outcome now...

- I've been struggling greatly with the feelings of isolation this week. I am about to go stir crazy! I just don't know what to do to get myself out of the slump.

- I am enjoying reading for the 888 challenge- it's funny though, because I can't read just one book at a time- I get too distracted. I'll read a chapter or two here, and then put that book down and pick up another. So even though it looks like I'm finishing nothing, I'll finish a whole bunch at once! (However, I am really getting into my study book right now-"If I really believe, why do I have these doubts?" and have been going back to that one more than the others.)

- I am looking forward to having Monday off next week- one plus of a government job- you get all the government holidays off! (Not looking forward to Tuesday though- possible jury duty (and a whole other post about the fun of jury summons to come later...sneak-peek: I got TWO different summons in two weeks' time!!!)

- I am considering my own version of Laura's No sugar plunge. I have more issues to consider than just sugar, because of having gastric bypass surgery 3 1/2 years ago. I have gotten way off track and have been considering doing this 5-day pouch test. Not sure I'm brave enough to give up my comfort foods right now- but know I MUST do something differently, and soon.

-I am not looking forward to going shopping for jeans. The ones I have are from JC Penny, and are ripping at the pockets, and I've only had them two months.

- I cut about four inches off my hair last night, and think I may go back to get a little more cut off the back.

- I am missing family right now...


Laura said...

Consider yourself hugged! Sounds like you're having a downer week. Boy oh boy do we need spring to come and the sun to shine! (there's probably more to it than that, but a little sunshine never hurt anyone).

I know it's hard giving up some of the foods we love, but REALLY I promise you'll fee better. I can't believe how good I feel after three days of no sugar. AND, the "winter blues" aren't as bad for me either because I feel so much better about how I'm taking care of myself. We'll all cheer for you and everything.

One more thing...I can't believe you can't find red hot candies. I have some in my kitchen for trying to teach my kids to swallow medicine. I'd love to blog them over to you! WHY would your stores not have them? Weird! Sounds like everyone is making the SAME valentine you are and they all got bought out. Yeah, that's it.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Laura said...

I just noticed a nice typo...promising to help you fee better. Can you edit that for me?! Oh well, I really doo hoop you feeee beeeter.

suezque said...

Laura- thank you for the hug- and the laughs! I have not read anything from you yet that does not make me smile! :-)
Thanks, cousin!

Sally said...

There must be something in the family water (that doesn't make sense, but whatever) that so many of us have chopped our hair lately. I just saw Jayme and Ellie's super cute cuts at lunch. Adorable!!

I have a question for you that if it's possible might help w/ missing family AND winter blues. I'll email you...good luck finding red hots! Maybe someone could get some for you in Pueblo and bring them to you for a little family visit?

suezque said...

Sally- I will make the decision about calling my mom for the red hots after lunch... a coworker has assured me that a particular conveinence store always has red hots. So I'm gonna walk over there at lunch and see. If they don't have any I'll call my mom and ask her and dad to come down for lunch tomorrow :-)

suezque said...

I found them!!! I found the red hots!!! It was the last store I checks (after 7 let-downs) and they had them... now I just need to catch my breath- I am soooo out of shape and the 40 minute walk did me in (and it wasn't even that far...) I need to get back in shape...

Jayme said...

Nothing like a small victory to make you feel better!!!!

I had that SAME problem around Halloween. I had to get some at target by the pound and they were soooooo expensive.

And Sally and I were just saying today how much we wished that you were around and wondering if you were any closer to picking up and moving to where we are. Cause we would take you if you came. :)

No sugar has crossed my lips today. :) You can do it. ;)

Love ya love ya...and blog more. It makes everybody closer and not so far away.

Chelf said...

You are north of my family. I am south of yours... Yep, we are all far away. But, just think: You don't have them popping in at odd times and messing up your days. Positive!

I miss my family too. And I have decided to do something about my weight too. Eat less, move more. I won't say exercise, and I won't say I will eat MUCH less, but small changes are the ones that will stick.

If I could mail you our sunshine, I would.