Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting paid for Blogging!

I am so glad Laura showed us all this PayPerPost thing! I am joining the ranks along with Laura, and Marie by signing up to get paid for blogging! I am excited to be able to make a little extra money just by writing on my blog, which I do already- a lot! That extra money sure will come in handy for all out little adventures this year. We have a trip coming up to go visit all the Kansas family for Easter. Then a couple weeks after that will be our first anniversary, which we are planning a little getaway for ;-) And then there is the Hamm Bash, and who knows how many more adventures we can fit in this year?!?!? Well, at least Thanksgiving, but there are always other fun things that extra cash comes in handy for! (Possibly a surgery later this year for me as well.) But I am so excited just to be able to do a little (which I’m really not doing anything more- I’m on the computer already- so what’s a few more minutes writing an extra blog post?) to have a little extra cash on hand for those trips and extras and such.
So what are you waiting for all you bloggers? Make your blog work for you with PayPerPost!

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Laura said...

WooHoo! Glad you decided to check it out!! Now we can both afford to go to the Hamm Bash!