Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Colorado Crud

Well, we had hoped we wouldn't catch it this year- we have been extra careful to take more vitamins, and got our flu shots, and have been trying to eat healthier; all in an attempt to avoid that little three letter word-FLU. It didn't work. G woke up yesterday morning around 1am with the yuckiness, and felt horrible all day yesterday. I had felt pretty bad on Sunday, but mostly just the achiness and tired- no urping or anything like G. (But I did fall off the "No Sugar" wagon- fell off with a THUD! Now I'm trying to get back on...) Thankfully G seemed to be over it in about 12 hours' time, but this morning he says his ribs hurt when he coughs or laughs. In the past he has urped so hard that he cracked ribs. I am praying that it's just muscle soreness, since it's not constant or affecting his breathing. We'll see how the day progresses. And I am praying like crazy that I don't have another bout with it- I have felt crudy enough the last couple of months, don't need to add urping too it...
On a lighter note- it was light around here until almost 6p last night! I am so excited for springtime and warm weather to get here!!! It's supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow and the 70's on Friday. Woo-Hoo!! :-)


Sally said...

Yuck. Sorry you guys are sick. Hope it's all behind you now!

Laura said...

Aww...I'm sorry. Hope you don't get it now! It has started to hit now's when I start watching for kids to start puking. So not fun!

Ooh..I've been excited about the sun staying up longer toooooo!

Jayme said...

aaaaaaaah that stinks. Believe me. I know. I have THAT t-shirt.

I hope you guys get alll better.

Chelf said...

I think the icky stuff is going all over the place. I know a teen with Croup. I thought only babies got that... but I see I was wrong. Got a buddy who is 10 and has an ear infection and his little bro is 6 and has the urping and fever. Ugh.

I just stayed up too late over the weekend, but I don't want to be weak and get something.

I hope you feel better in the warm sunny days!