Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You gotta love Colorado!!!

This is what a 10% chance of snow looks like... (the snow on the ground was courtesy of yesterday's storm)

You just gotta love Colorado... :-)


LaughingLaura said...

We had a 10% chance of light snow, as well... Around a quarter to two, Jeff and I went down to our storage unit to pick up some supplies. It was sunny and 43 out (our company car displays the external temperature). When we left about 45 mins later, it was starting to snow, but the temperature was still 41. Three minutes (and about a mile and a half) later, the temperature was 35, the snow was coming down hard and the wind was blowin it around something fierce... And 45 minutes later the sky was brilliant blue and nearly cloudless... Crazy!

Jayme said...

i love love love the snow...we have gotten some snow here too...but really the 12 inches of snow I want yet. ;)

Laura said...

Yes, it does seem like winter will never end. Any time there has been ANY percent chance of snow, we can just about figure it will be 100% chance. SO much snow.

(and I'm not, thank you, God, for snow.)

suezque said...

It's not that I don't like the snow- I love it's beauty and the symbol/reminder of purity and Christ's forgiveness in my life (and how I dirty it up again...) - it's the getting out and driving next to maniacs part I don't like (and the cold...)
I am thannkful for the snow, but was more or less ranting about how the forcasters "predict" snow. C'mon guys (forcasters)- if it's snowing it's no longer a 90% chance! And I stand by my theory that it's God's little joke on us- to let us know he's still in control- no matter what % chance the weathermen give us! :-)

Jayme said... need to blog.