Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today was so nice outside we decided to do a little exploring of our hometown. We have lived here for nine months, and didn't even know where the library was. Turns out it was only six blocks from our house!!! So, we got a "family" library card and I checked out some books. I got a couple I wanted to read, including "The Red Tent". Jayme just finished reading it and made it sound like a good book, so I decided to read it next.
Check out my bookshelf on the side of my blog to see what I'm currently reading (I thought this would be a neat way to show what books I am reading for the 888 Challenge) I found the Shelfari website from one of Sally's blogmates, and thought it was pretty cool! You can set up your own by visiting


Marie said...

Hey did you borrow or buy "America's Cheapest Family"? If you own it can I borrow it?

suezque said...

I checked it out from the library... I decided to do that with a couple of books to see whether or not I want to buy them.