Saturday, January 5, 2008

Small progress

Even feeling poorly, I did accomplish a couple of small tasks today...G has been working in the office trying to get his stuff organized, now that he's pretty much done, I get to start. We started by moving my new desk that we brought home from Kansas into my side of the office. Now tomorrow, hopefully, I can start getting my scrapbooking stuff organized- I have to make a birthday card tomorrow too!

I also got my new light-switch plate put in the kitchen. My friend from work, who drew my name in the Christmas gift exchange our office had, gave me a Wizard of Oz plate to put in the kitchen, since she knew I was trying to decorate my kitchen in that theme. Thank you RC! :-)

I tried taking a bath to alleviate the back pain- that didn't help. (But did get some reading done while I soaked. I am reading more than one book all the time, so I hope to actually be done with two books off my list this week. I hope.) If nothing else, I'll call the chiropractor in Monday, but looks to be another long night tonight. (Sigh)


Marie said...

Well looks like you're going to need your massage sooner than you thought!! Phil is off Mon/Tues. so if you needed it then that would work.
Do you have a rice pack? If so use that. If you don't, use one of Gary's tube socks, fill with rice, tie off the end, and microwave for about 1:30 min. If it's not warm enough add 30 second increments. Just don't over warm because you'll burn the rice. You can also alternate hot/cold. 15 min on 30 min off. Hope you feel better!

Jayme said...

chiropractor = mucho healing

if I've said it once...I've said it a million times.

Do not mask the pain. Treat the pain. :)

suezque said...

Jayme- Yea I know- I'll probably call him first thing in the morning. But I am feeling a little better today. I found that sleeping on my stomach with no pillows seemed to help.
Mia- it would be six or after before I could get to your house- is that okay???(I don't have any vacation or sick time I could use to come sooner...)I went and bought rice- haven't gotten into the sock yet, though. BTW- when does your new job start???

Marie said...

After six would be fine. I can't promise peace and quite though. I start training on Thursday. Call me.

Jayme said...

sleeping on your stomach with no pillows is masking the pain.

suezque said...

Yea- but I got to sleep at least! :-)
I have an appointment with the chiro tomorrow & Marie has graciously offered to give me a massage tomorrow night (which I am about to call and confirm).
But I do feel better now... so we'll see what the week brings. :-)

Mike J. said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will start reading your also. Take care.