Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

2008 Resolutions

My biggest goal this year is to figure out how to use my time better. I want more one-on-one time with my Savior, more time for my husband, my friends and family (even if it’s just email or writing a letter) and more time for me (I kinda forgot how to be me this year- not that the new roles I’ve learned are bad- but if I don’t stay in touch with me- all those new roles will suffer too)

My second biggest goal this year is to save money. I have come up with several ideas/ solutions to help achieve this goal.

-Each month I will plan out our dinners, which is the only meal we eat at home, in advance and prepare a master shopping list so that at the first of each month we can go shopping at Sam’s Club to get the bulk of our groceries at once and for less money since bulk prices are always cheaper. The only things that will have to be supplemented are fresh things like milk, eggs, fresh veggies. (G's lunches only cost $2 a day, and I almost always take left-overs so lunch is covered. Breakfast is up-in-the air (I don't know if G even eats breakfast most days , but I usually grab something from home then too or raid my stash of oatmeal or soup in my work drawer)

-I intend to try very hard to NOT pay full price for ANYTHING we buy this year- eBay, sales and coupons are my new best friends! Gifts, groceries, clothes, accessories, anything we look at we will shop around for (as much as possible). I know this will not be a 100% thing, but the more we try, the more it will help!

-All cards sent from our home will either be from the large stack of already bought cards or homemade. I don’t think we’ll have a problem with this one- we have lots of cards and card making materials in stock at home already!

-I want to try very hard to make all gifts we give too- but I know that there are some things that have to have store-bought elements- but intend to have a homemade element as well.

I am going to try my darndest to make my Arbonne business successful. I want so very badly to be a stay-at-home mom, and want to make that a reality BEFORE the family starts coming.

I am going to get through the Bible at least once this year. I would love it if I could get through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice.

I am going to take the 888 reading challenge click here to read about it. (Will post my book list when I get it completed. Waiting on Jayme to finish hers too :-)


LaughingLaura said...

You should sign up for NFO My Survey (I'll send you an invite). You spend a few minutes taking product surveys for them, and you can earn points to redeem for cash (I know this from experience) or for raffle entries (I always go for the cash). Sometimes the surveys are from the website, others are snail mail surveys, and sometimes they'll even send you new products to test. I've been doing it for about eight years, and have some friends who do it, too. The friend who's done it the longest has been a member for something like 15 years... She is married and so she answers surveys for both her and her husband. I know it's not necessarily a way to SAVE money but it will help you earn a little bit of extra cash.

suezque said...

Yea- I do belong to a couple of those sites, I have earned a few magazine subscriptions that way- its nice to not have to pay for them! :-) I'll check this one out too. Thanks!

Jayme said...

I'm so pumped about your new blog! And you have some amazing goals! I'm going to send you my partial list next thing...and will post my complete list on my blog soon.

Neal picked up my first book today...its called The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. I THINK it is the (fictional) back story of the Biblical Dinah.

Chelf said...

Happy New Year to you as well! I like your list of goals. They are good, indeed.

I shall have to make a list for myself. You already have one up on me: more blogging. Hee hee.