Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tagged Again! :-)

I’ve been tagged by Laura!
So now I’ll tell you four things about me in the following categories:

Four jobs that I’ve had:
1. CNA (for two weeks)
2. Telemarketer
3. Caretaker for my Grandparents
4. Social Worker

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Summer Stock
2. Phantom of the Opera
3. Guys & Dolls
4. Steel Magnolias

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Mexican food
2. Italian Food
3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
4. Diet Cherry Pepsi (I know it’s a drink, but still one of my favorite things :-)

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. Apprentice
2. House Hunters
3. Most anything on Food network (the only thing I can’t stand is the barefoot
4. Jon & Kate plus Eight

Four Places I’ve lived:
1. Pueblo, CO
2. La Junta, CO
3. Rocky Ford, CO
4. (that’s all I have so far):-)

Four places I’ve been on vacation:
1. Palm Springs, CA
2. Las Vegas, NV (I can’t wait to go back- we used to go every summer to visit my
3. Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota
4. Los Angeles, CA (honeymoon)

Four websites I visit daily:
1. Arbonne
2. Heavenly Homemakers
3. MammaMia
4. Jayme

Four places I’d rather be right now:
1. anywhere except Rocky Ford, CO
2. reading a book in bed
3. sleeping in bed
4. anywhere except Rocky Ford, CO

Four people I’m tagging:
1. Marie
2. Laughing Laura
3. Chelf
4. Sally


Jayme said...

I got tagged too...but I don't know how to do that nifty neato linko thing. Can you explain it to me?

MammaMia said...

Yeah could you explain it to me too? As you know I'm new to this stuff!

Chelf said...

OH, I don't like being tagged. I usually don't respond to stuff like that. People should know me enough already. I guess that is my own crazy preoccupation... to learn this stuff without lists.

Kinda like pictures, I will give you one, the second will break something. This one seems like phishing sometimes. Hee hee. I will take this tag off the pillow, and let you see me a bit... but next time, I will come and wring your little bloggy neck! (joking, please don't take me seriously; I don't!)

Laura said...

Thanks for letting yourself be tagged (like you had a choice!). It was fun reading things about you that I didn't know!

Chelf said...

Tag, you're it again! Muh hu ha ha ha ha!

Sally said...

I have done this recently, so I'll just paste my answers into your comments...sorry I'm so late!

4 jobs:
1. Wall Wall & Peake (law firm) - file clerk
2. El Pollo Loco - I hardly EVER admit this one, I HATED it!
3. Albertsons - courtesy clerk for 2 weeks before I got laid off.
4. Cal Poly Bookstore - student supervisor in textbooks (I LOVED this job!)

4 Movies:
1. Goonies
2. Pretty in Pink
3. Some Kind of Wonderful (note the 80's theme here??)
4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

4 Favorite Foods:
1. Cheeseburgers
2. Ice Cream
3. Gorgonzola stuffed filet from Cafe Med
4. Pizza

4 TV Shows:
1. ER
2. Brothers and Sisters
4. Law & Order

4 Places I've Lived:
1. Fresno, CA
2. San Luis Obispo, CA
3. San Antonio, TX
4. Stockton, CA (this was just listed as one of the top 10 WORST cities to live in. Ha!)

(I could go on and on for this one, but I'll stop at 4!)

4 Vacation Places I've Been
1. Maui, HI
2. Ireland
3. Amsterdam
4. Kennebunk, Maine

4 Websites:
1. bloglines
4. and usually

4 Places I'd rather be:
2. In front of a fireplace where the snow is falling outside, sipping hot chocolate with my puppies and hubby by my side, and a good book in my hand.
3. on the beach in CA
4. in bed, asleep!

LaughingLaura said...

So, I finally got around to doing this...